Emirates Airline- Independent Luxury

After flying most airlines over the years, I have come to the conclusion that Emirates overall has the best First and Business Class in the world. Not necessarily though for the reasons you may think.

Let’s start with transportation, Emirates offer a complimentary Mercedes chauffeur to and from most airports for ALL First and Business Class passengers.  If you are also lucky enough to fly through Dubai airport, they also have a dedicated drive through check in and security area just for First and Business class passengers as well as porters who are more than happy to take the luggage out of your car.

Once checked in at Heathrow or Dubai airport you make your way to the large Emirates lounge. On arrival as they check you in the lounge, you can help yourself to a Lindt chocolate. Once checked in you make your way into the lounge and as you enter there is an array of magazines to suit everyone’s taste. Now onto the food and drink. They have a buffet with hot and cold stations also sandwiches, fruit and a variety of deserts and cheeses. They have a great choice of good wines and beers and most importantly for me Veuve Cliquot champagne. There is something about the orange labels Veuve and Hermes. Lol.

The other thing I like about Emirates is boarding the plane directly from the Lounge as the lounge is at the gate. So you do not have to exit it to board.

Emirates 2

Once onboard the mega A380 airbus the whole upper deck is dedicated for First and Business class passengers only, so no chance of bumping into Economy in the bathroom as on Virgin. Once you arrive at your seat / bed it’s like a small private cocoon. You have your own private area with your own small bar full of soft drinks. A small bag with an eye blind and socks. You are then offered a Bulgari toiletry bag full of little goodies and a glass of champagne. Movies are also switched on from the moment you board, not after take-off — which is what you need in particular with a child.

emirates 3

After take-off, the bar opens where a hostess is always stationed throughout the flight to serve drinks and replenish the snacks. There are a variety of sandwiches, fruit sticks, deserts and nuts on offer. So, if you don’t want to wait to be served by the slow air hostesses, then you can go straight to the bar, get a glass of champagne, a smoked salmon bagel and then back to your seat to watch your movie. You are in control of your experience and Emirates are clever as they provide everything you require at your fingertips, reducing the reliance on staff doing a bad job which I love. Independent Luxury I call it. With a seat service, should you require it.

It’s funny after years of paying high prices and expecting good service on airlines. As I have been paying for it, I love what Emirates offer. They provide everything you would expect from a business class air-line.  They have kept all the smaller things like chauffeurs, magazines, designer toiletry bag, Veuve Cliquot, a great bed and a bar that is serviced correctly throughout the flight. Emirates does what it says on the tin.

They are and will hopefully continue to be my preferred airline moving forward. Go on and give it a try.

Whats your favourite airline?If you have flied Emirates, let me know your views.







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  1. I have flown Emirates since the 1990s and have always found it to be above and beyond! The food, service and staff are fabulous. I agree with you!


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