British Airways- To fly to Serve. Do they even know what that means??

ba flight

Oh British Airways where do I start. I have been flying BA for many years and the best thing about British Airways is terminal 5 at Heathrow airport and the shops on offer.       I think that’s about it.

Let’s start with the lounge at terminal 5. The staff greeting  you on the door force a smile on arrival but once you enter the lounge everyone working there is sooo miserable, and good luck finding someone to try and assist you should you require it. I would love to be independent but always have to find someone to assist me as they never have champagne out on display with the wines and beers. Which I am sure is because they are trying to cost cut. If you don’t know it is there you hopefully wont ask for it. Well I do ask for it and when I want a refill of champagne I have to wait at the door hoping someone will come out to assist as they don’t like to offer it freely.

Another pet hate about BA is they rarely have magazines, I mean the last ten times I have flown -nothing. They just have their inflight magazines and news papers. I have been told they put the magazines out three times a day so it is pot luck if you ever manage to get one. I always ask if they have anything tucked away out the back and the staff always reply NO.

BA flights

The food always looks like it has been sitting there for ages and tastes dry and bland.

Now to onboard the flight. Club World’s beds are not a bad size and the TV is a reasonable size,  but the  configeration is a nightmare. If you have your bed out flat to sleep and the person next to you decides to go to the bathroom or maybe they just want to get up for a stretch. They have to step over you to be able to leave their seat. On more than a few occasions I have been nudged or kicked accidentally when they were trying to get past. More recently an older gentleman who had a few drinks actually tripped over  my bed trying to get out. Can you imagine I was asleep and woken by this person falling over me, then the next thing I heard  was a big thud on the floor. What a way to be woken lol. Luckily he was not injured just embarrassed. Come on though who thought of this stupid configuration. The food onboard is average at best as is the club

The staff onboard BA flights serving Business and First class are normally an older crew giving of the imagine as senior and more able. Yet after years of doing the job they seem unhappy, uptight and unfriendly most of the time. I always think of British Airways as the state airline within the UK with frustrated unhappy staff. The biggest joke of British Airways is their slogan “To Fly to Serve”  it is so ironic it is laughable, did the staff get the memo when it came out. I quite often have to remind them of their slogan when they are being rude or unhelpful. I think they should change their slogan to “To Fly to Moan”, or “Flying in the Face of miserable” or lastly “Lazy are us” .

The British Airways passengers especially on long haul First & Business class flights are very often stereotypes of each other. They are quite often pompous middle class snobs who feel  patriotic flying their Great British airline and never complain. They are not service driven and would never complain as that is not the middle class thing to do. They love to boast though that they fly BA Business or First,  like it is something special. I feel like shaking them and saying that there are so many better airlines to fly. Yet for them I feel they think it is better the devil you know.

On short haul flights there is not a lot of difference between Club Europe and Economy– just a little more space. In economy short haul flights BA now charge for Marks and Spencer food onboard as well as drinks. You also have to pay for luggage and seat allocation. I can’t believe they took away the complimentary drinks, nuts or pretzels. That was the only reason I continued flying them.

So why bother flying British airways at all now?? Well only if on long haul flights you like bad service, average food and in Business class to be tripped over by fellow passengers. On short haul flights again it is only worth flying BA if you are happy to pay a premium for the brand and you like bad service AND are happy to pay for your drinks and food.   Me personally unless I have to fly them going forward  I will give them a miss as  I can’t differentiate them from a budget airline anymore. I have flown Easy Jet a few times lately and after comparing the two I think I prefer Easy Jet as they have always done “what they say on the tin”. Also the crew seem more dynamic and happier.

Please share my blog if you know others that may appreciate it, and please give me your opinions? Do you like British Airways and do they “Fly to Serve”


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