W Maldives – The most memorable experience of my life.


I have travelled most of the world and have always been put off going to the Maldives as I could not justify the extortionate prices to stay there. I always thought why would it be that great, what am I paying for, why is it so expensive, will the service even be good? So this year I just went for it and booked to stay at the W Maldives for five nights with my family and tried hard not to think about the costs. We had the unlimited package which included full board with alcohol, unlimited water sports and spa treatments.

Let me start on arriving at Male airport, as you enter through arrivals you are met by a W hotel representative who takes you by car to the W Lounge to await your sea plane to the hotel. The lounge is  typical W style with nice music and snacks. Once onboard the plane you fly over the Maldives and the views are out of this world. You can see the crystal sea and the beautiful corals. I was speechless and if you know me that happens rarely. On arrival we landed the plane on the sea close to the hotel, then made the rest of the way to the hotel via boat. As we arrived at the resort we could see the W team waving at us and as we stepped on to the land the team greated us with a smile. I could see a champagne stand with bottles of Moet Chandon. My husband and I were offered a complimentary cold glass of Moet, which was a great start for me. Then while drinking our champagne we were taken via golf buggy to be shown around the resort. We were the only hotel on the island and it was a small intimate paradise.  After being shown around, we eventually arrived at our “Fabulous Over Water Oasis” room. To be honest I was a little disappointed to start with as the room was small  for the price we were paying, but as I walked on to the balcony WOW was all I could say. We had a little plunge pool, sun-beds and fabulous peaceful views of the ocean — it was spectacular.

w Maldives

There was also a small viewing hole on the floor of the room so you could see the fish and sharks swimming past throughout the day or in my case I swam underneath so my little daughter could see me — without being able to touch me.

With regards to relaxing I don’t think there was anyway this could not be done in this true paradise. Although for the first couple of nights we struggled sleeping as were woken at 2am by the loud sound of waves smashing against the stilts, holding up our room as the tide started to rise. The reception must have thought I was mad as I called on more than one occasion to make sure that we would not get swept away with the tide lol. The reception said that it was normal and I was not the first guest to ask this question. I mean, I have read that in 20 years the Maldives will be under water. So my worries were not totally stupid. I was just hoping that it would not be the week that I was staying.


We had unlimited water sports included in our package and for me this was like a dream, so we made the most of it. We took out 2 jet skis daily with my daughter onboard, we waterskied, went on the banana boat, fishing etc.. I went scuba diving one day, but to be honest, the snorkelling was much better. I have been diving for 15 years and never seen so much from just snorkelling around the reefs. I saw sharks, whales, large turtles and every fish imaginable. It was incredible to be able to see all of the fish so close up. I spent hours daily just snorkelling as the view was unimaginable. We also had spa treatments included in our package, so we both had a treatment at the end of each day before dinner with fabulous views of the ocean.

Now on to the food and drink. We have never had such amazing food from Wagu beef to Lobster. There was so many choices of meats and every variety of fish imaginable (Although I felt guilty eating them after swimming with them all day). Every night we went to a different restaurant in the resort which had a different theme and different types of food. My favourite by far was the beach BBQ. It was not your typical BBQ. It had the resident W DJ and we sat bare foot with our feet in the sand while the chefs came to our table and told us about what was available for them to cook for us to eat. The house champagne was either Moet or Veuve Cliquot, so for me I was in ecstacy.

The only thing to mention was that they don’t have a kids club as I think they have just started allowing children in to the resort. I think that we may have been one of the first families on the island. The staff were so friendly though and helpful with my daughter.  I think she had the time of her life. Especially with the water sports. Like mother, like daughter.

Anyway in summary, the Maldives for me was one of the most special and memorable experiences of my life. I felt amazed and humbled at how beautiful and calming it was. You can’t but relax in the Maldives and enjoy what it has to offer. What topped it off was the W hotel. It was the most expensive vacation of my life, but they offered the best food available,  the best champagne and alcohol and fabulous facilities. So I hate to say it, but I did not feel taken advantage off, but that we truly received 5 star throughout.


If you ever get the opportunity to stay in the Maldives and can afford it “Just do It”. You won’t regret it. Just make sure you go for the full board or all inclusive packages as it can get very expensive without this.

I would love your views of the Maldive? Where did you stay? Share my blog to anyone that would appreciate it.





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  1. Thanks for sharing your memory with me. lovely Pictures
    Are you visit in Boulder??


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