Commuting to work can kill you? No its the commuters that are killing us!!

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A study was published recently claiming that commuting to work for over an hour a day can lead to stress and depression. I totally agree after commuting for 15 years.     I nearly had a breakdown on a daily basis because of this — and all before 9am without a coffee. How do we do it??  I don’t personally think it has anything to do with the amount of time we commute, as when I lived outside of London the journey was quite often easier and more relaxing than living in London and relying on the South-western Trains, the tubes and the buses. I think it is more about the irritating people and situations we encounter on the way to and from work and the way we have to hold in what we are actually feeling to prevent havoc breaking loose. So in short, the reason our lives are being cut short through commuting is mainly due to the frustration towards the stupid people and their behaviour around us.

From my perspective the ten most irritating things to happen when commuting are:


  1. People pushing you out of the way to get on the train:  Sometimes I have been standing there for ten minutes waiting for a train and when it arrives someone will feel that it is ok to try to push in front of me to get on before me. Even worse when the train comes, and people at the back try to push everyone on the train.
  2. People speaking on their mobile phones: I can’t stand when people speak on their phones especially in a quiet zoneThis is a pet hate of mine. I purposely sit in a quiet zone not to hear the egotistical narcissists speaking loudly about themselves so everyone can hear them. If they sit in the quiet zone I am normally the one who points to the sign and says you are in a quiet zone, please respect this.
  3. Sweaty Smelly People: You may have noticed if you are lucky enough to get a seat on the train or tube that people’s crutches are at your head level.  There is nothing worse than when a man has not dry-cleaned his suit for a while and stands next to you and the stench of sweaty crutch that sometimes comes with it. Another one is when people are standing on the tube with their arm up and their smelly armpit is in your face. DEODORANT HYGENE — PEOPLE IT IS SIMPLE.
  4. People with newspapers & Back packs:  When the train is packed and people try to read their newspapers with no consideration to others, sometimes you have got to give it up people if the train is that busy. Also people keeping backpacks on their back on a busy commute.
  5. People sneezing  & coughing without their hands on their mouth: There actually is nothing worse than someone coughing or sneezing without their hands on their mouth especially in an enclosed area. It drives me crazy. I mean were you not brought up with basic etiquette and manors? PUT YOUR HAND OVER YOUR MOUTH. It is disgusting..
  6. People invading my space while sitting: When I sit on a train or the tube I don’t like touching anyone. Even if I only half sit on the seat I will, as I can’t sit touching a stranger. I don’t like it when men sit on a chair with their legs wide open and touch my legs.  I don’t like it when a lady is going through her bag and elbows me continuously not even acknowledging it. I don’t like when someone half spreads on to my seat. I often say: “you only paid for one seat, not two so move over”.
  7. People taking seat spaces up for their bikes and suitcases on a train: When someone brings a bike or a suitcase on the train, especially in rush hour they really need to stand with it. I don’t like it when they feel their suitcase should have its own seat. Also people with bikes sometimes take up two or 3 seats for their bike.
  8. People who push on the train while you are trying to get off: There is nothing worse when you are trying to get off the train or tube and people start pushing to get on. Get back off and wait for the passengers to embark first. Its good etiquette.We are not animals.
  9. People eating loudly and smelly food: I don’t like it when someone is eating a sweet or chewing gym with their mouth open. Also smelly food is a “No No”.
  10. Loud Music: People’s music blaring out through their cheap headphones. I don’t want to hear your music. Turn it down.

Commute 1

Have I missed anything of the list let me know your pet hates on a commute.

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