Qatar Airways: Have the “Je ne sais quoi”

Qatar 1I have been flying Qatar Airways for a few years now and I have to say they have the “je ne sais quoi” factor. Everything is just that little bit better than with all the other airlines.

Let me start with the lounge at Heathrow airport. As you enter the lounge you are met with a smile as a staff member offers to take your coat. The lounge is extremely clean, modern and very much in a Middle Eastern style. You are then offered a drink and the a la carte menu with a great choice of  high quality food. If you don’t want to go off the a la carte menu, they also have a deli bar that you can choose from. Everything laid out to perfection. The food is something that stands out for me in the Lounge at Heathrow and onboard the flight. They very often have top chefs involved in the choices of the menus. I have always enjoyed it.  There is a great choice of drinks available. As well as a great choice of magazines. The staff in the lounge and onboard are that bit slicker than all the other airlines.

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Once onboard the plane you are greeted by the hostess who takes you to your seat and helps you to stow away your luggage. Qatar airways are very service driven onboard the flight. They take their jobs to look after you onboard very seriously and nothing is ever  too much hastle.

The Qatar Airways A380 is a  great plane with a large bed and TV. They also have great toiletry bags from Giorgio Armani, which is always a nice treat. They also have a bar for first and business class. In terms of service I would say Qatar is better than Emirates as you don’t have to keep approaching the bar to get served as the seat service is excellent — which is great. The food onboard again is generally excellent. It is really hard to fault Qatar Airways — even for me.

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The only criticism I would say I have regarding Qatar Airways is on the administrative and online side. If you need to do anything other than to book a flight online, e.g. change an existing booking, it becomes so complicated. First of all you have to call Qatar Airways to request changes to a booking or to use your air-miles and this  is where the problems start. What lies ahead is a really long drawn out and quite often expensive process as nothing is possible without a hefty charge or documentation. Qatar Airways really need to sort this out , then the airline would be perfect.

I  also hope that Qatar Airways they sort out their political problems with Dubai and Saudi Arabia. As currently I can’t fly Qatar Airways to Dubai or Saudi..



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