Rude, arrogant shop assistants and waiters who feel they are too good to serve you. What’s happening to this world?

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Who doesn’t like shopping in high-end boutiques and eating at the best restaurants? There is no better feeling. Have you ever gone into a high-end store like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Louboutin or maybe Gucci?  You want a new dress, a designer hand bag or a new pair of shoes. You might be getting them because of a special occasion, you may have saved for months to buy them or maybe you regularly shop at high-end boutiques. Whatever the reason there is nothing more exciting than being able to go into a shop to buy what you want and walking out happy with your beautifully wrapped designer item.


I very often go into shops to view handbags and clothes to get inspiration to help me to find what I am looking for. The most important thing for me and what ultimately makes me want to spend money is the service.  On too many occasions though I have received the opposite and it drives me crazy.

On many occasions over the years I have walked into a shop and as I do I have felt four sets of beady eyes on me as the shop assistants look me up and down, forcing a smile, but inadvertently trying to make me feel that I don’t belong in the shop as I can’t afford the items. In other words, you should leave. I truly believe that these shops lose millions of pounds a year because of this arrogant behavior from some of their shop assistants.

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When I walk in to a shop and the shop assistant smiles warmly, I am generally always sold and 90% of the time buy something. Even if I did not initially plan too. If I am made to feel good about spending money, then I do spend it.

I remember reading when billionaire Oprah Winfrey went shopping in Zurich dressed casually. She wanted to view a EUR 25,000 bag and the shop assistant refused to show her the bag saying that it was too expensive. and she should view a cheaper bag. This was clearly the biggest mistake of her life as it was Oprah Winfrey.  How dare someone judge you for what you are wearing? In particular in times when most people and celebrities dress casually. I think it has happened to a few other celebrities also. You can’t judge a book by its cover — more importantly not a bank balance on the appearance lol.

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I also had a situation a couple of years ago in Louis Vuitton. I wanted to buy a suitcase and when I spoke to the shop assistant and asked her advice on the case I wanted. She showed little or no interest in trying to help me. She was trying to be arrogant and kept telling me the price. I said I don’t care about the price, but want to see the bag. She was trying to make me feel that I could not afford the bag. So, I eventually lost my temper. I kindly asked her to consider that I was spending several of her month’s salaries on a bag and to try and smile and pretend that she wants to serve me as her attitude stank. I called the manager over as well who said that it was not the correct way to do business having rude, arrogant shop assistants. He apologised for her behavior in a snotty way. I did not buy the suitcase in the end. I went to another store where my business seemed more welcome.
It is basic customer service.

aragont waiterI once also had a situation in restaurant with an arrogant waiter. I ordered a bottle of red wine and it stated on the bottle that the wine should be decanted. Hence, I asked for this to be done and the waiter said we normally only do this with more expensive wines. I just said I am not asking for your opinion, just get the decanter. By this stage I was so irritated that the waiter was trying to question and educate me on drinking my wine, when even the advice on the bottle was to do this. I got up and left.

I feel that shops and restaurants have an obligation to their customers to educate the staff they employ and train them correctly in how to interact with customers. It needs to be made clear from the beginning that the staff member does not own the company; and their job is to smile, serve and to make customer happy. As the customer pays their salary. They should also have any arrogance or attitude problem knocked out of them on day one. Once this happens shopping and eating will be more enjoyable for all.

Oh and customers “No one can make you feel inferior without your concent”


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  1. Graham says:

    Have you ever seen a movie called “Pretty Woman” where Julia Roberts played as a call girl and one of her clients is a multi-millionaire played by Richard Gere? That’s an example of bad attitude by shop assistants looking down to Julia Roberts as they thought she couldn’t afford them. In the end she bought expensive stuff elsewhere.


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