How would I describe Dubai? “Simply Addictive”.

How would I describe Dubai: one word comes to mind “Simply addictive”.

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I have been going to Dubai now for over ten years and I still love it now as much I did when I first visited. Why? Because you know what to expect and it feels like home away from home.  It is a 7 hour flight from the UK and is affordable now as Emirates have about 15 flights per day from the UK. If you want to spend a long weekend and get some winter sun, then you can take the red eye flight on a Wednesday night and fly back on the Sunday There is also only a 3 hours time difference, so no jet lag. Dubai is a city that has something for everyone. It is dedicated to offering customers the best of everything, so you can’t do anything but relax and enjoy your self.

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They have luxurious hotels, the best restaurants and bars in the world — all on your door step. The weather is also fabulous 320 days a year so virtually guaranteed sun. They also have breathtaking skylines at each corner you turn.  

Dubai caters for everyone, from the less active guest who can sit in the sun sipping a cocktail and enjoying the great international cuisine on offer, to the family that can use the water parks and has access to the free kids club at most hotels. The kids clubs are great with fantastic staff that put your mind at ease when leaving the kids. If you are more of an active person who likes to stay busy on a holiday, then there are so many fun things to do from indoor skiing in the Emirates mall, iceskating,
pistol shooting, horse riding, water-sports, parachute jumping, a round of golf, maybe a desert safari. It is truly an adult paradise. 

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I always travel to different parts of the world on vacation as I don’t like to be dependent on one country. However, I find myself comparing the standard of Dubai to the rest of the world as you can easily start taking Dubai “for granted”
when you stay there a lot. I am always pulled back soon after as I have not found another country in the world offering what Dubai does.

Sheikh Mohammed is an extremely educated and well travelled man of the world. I thinkDUBAI . that he and his family looked at everything that could irritate you as a global traveller as well as what was missing in these places and has tried to create perfection
with everything at your finger tips. Only in the middle of the desert. I have recently read many articles with people stating they HATE Dubai. I truly believe “hate” is such a strong word. It is all about expectations and what you expect from your holiday and in particular about Dubai. If you are looking for a cultural holiday with a wealth of history and monuments like in Italy – Dubai will not be the right place for you. If you get intimidated by courtious staff welcoming you by name as you enter the hotel, not having to open a door as the staff there are ready and waiting to take your bags as you enter, this is not the right place for you. If you are a person though who  likes the best of everything,  who likes to be made to feel special when travelling, who likes to welcomed by the hotel manager on arrival as the first words spoken to you are “Welcome home Mrs Leistikow then this is the right place for you.

 When I do my checks on arrival at my room there is nothing to complain about as the rooms are large and immaculate. If you ever have a problem, they resolve it within minutes, the restaurants and service is next to none. Dubai is simply addictive

and once you get hooked it is hard to stay anywhere else. 


I have even expanded my business in to Dubai now offering a destination wedding business to couples from the UK and Europe looking to get married in Dubai. It was a no brainer to do this, as couples love Dubai and it provides a fantastic luxurious setting for couples who are looking for good weather, great service and the best of everything at an affordable price. Dubai is the place for you. See my video of Dubai showing just some of the things that can be achieved.

If you like luxury, good weather and a place to relax and have fun, Dubai is the place for you. Go on give it a try..


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  1. Binosh says:

    Nice piece of information, Loves the way you talk. Dubai still one of my favorite


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