Las Vegas: Sin city for sure, but also fabulous architecture.

vegas 2

 It was  my first time to Las Vegas and after going I will probably not return.

 I stayed at the Trump Towers as I did not want to stay at a hotel that was connected to a casino. I wanted to escape the gambling and club scene at the end of each evening and return to some form of sanctuary.

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The rooms at the “Trump Towers” were more like condos. They were very large with a living room and kitchen area. I was pleasantly surprised for the price paid of $149 per night although it was for the room only. They charge for all the extras like breakfast and even the gym which I found rather irritating. If it is a five star hotel indeed, then they should include facilities as that is why they get this rating. The five star hotels in Vegas are good value, but I suppose that is because they want to entice guests with cheap luxury rooms hoping that they make it up on food, gambling and night life.  The pool in the hotel  was nice and no pool parties. So a little more relaxed than most of the Las Vegas hotel pools. I would not particularly recommend eating at the pool bar. I ordered a salad and it had a fly in it – slightly disgusting. Why does it always happen to my food lol? After that the only place I ate was at “The Wynn” and the “Encore Hotel” which was quite close to Trump Towers and was probably the best in Vegas. The buffets at these hotel were fantastic. There was a vast array of different food to suit everyone’s taste. Soft drinks were also included. I fathomed to understand why we were the only ones ordering wine at the table. I soon realised why, as it was free at the gambling tables. So guests ate, then drank for free at the tables in all the hotels. We gambled a little, but lost all the time, so had to cap the amount spent daily as with all the Oxygen being pumped in to the casino you could go on for hours.

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When I initially arrived in Vegas I liked it a lot. On a surface level it was fabulous. Amazing buildings, copies of some of the best architectural masterpieces in history. There was good weather, great hotels and entertainment available for adults, but after a couple of days of being there I really began to see the other side of Vegas which was really quite seedy and made me feel uncomfortable. When walking along the long strip of Las Vegas all I could see were the people approaching us flipping cards permanently with prostitutes on and trying to force us to take them. They were even trying to give them to couples that were obviously on holiday together.  One day I said NO eleven times to the cards. It all got a little too much. Obviously I am aware it goes on globally, but I don’t want it rubbed in my face permanently. It also was going on in my hotel and out of all places it was the neighbouring room. One evening we were going out for dinner and when opening our door to leave our neighbour had prostitutes sitting in the corridor with their friends and they were obviously swapping in and out etc. It really made me feel uncomfortable though and left a sick feeling in my stomach. I was not staying at a brothel, but a 5 star hotel. I complained to management, but it seemed they had accepted back handers to keep quiet.

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The best part about going to Vegas was visiting the Grand Canyon. It was amazing — one of the wonders of the world. We got a helicopter over the canyon which was amazing and had some fabulous back drops. I loved it and was humbled to have visited here.

Also you get to see the worlds greatest architectural sites in one city, which is fun.


They also have a great Premium outlet store that had great designers and much to be purchased.

Would I recommend Vegas? Yes, for a two day stop over  maximum on route to California to see the Canyon and to see what Vegas is about. But not for longer as you start to see it for what it is. A brothel covered by luxury restaurants and hotels….

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