Malaysian Airlines- Dry lounge, dry flights, yet high prices.

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Malaysian Airlines- what a nightmare

I flew Malaysian Airways from Kuala Lumpa to Langkawi and from Kuala Lumpa to Singapore. It was my first time flying Malaysian Airlines and was put of in the past due to the incident when a Plane went missing the other year.

It was a nightmare for me to be honest. After a redeye flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpa. I decided to pay £500 for each business class ticket even though it was only a short flight.

Reason being was that I wanted to relax in the airport lounge before my flight and on-board, but sadly I could not relax at all. In the business class lounge they only offered Asian food for breakfast. There was absolutely nothing Western to eat and more importantly no alcohol. When I asked for a glass of champagne I was told “this is a dry airport”, but they clearly did not charge “dry prices” I thought. More importantly this was not mentioned anywhere on the website when I booked my tickets as I would not have paid for a business class ticket.

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I thought on-board maybe things would get better so I asked for a glass of wine and was informed that it was a dry flight, so still no alcohol. I had ordered vegetarian food but they said they only had a chicken sandwich and water. So, I had nothing at all from Malaysian airlines food wise or drinks wise on all legs of all my flights, they gave me dry crackers. They also had the air-conditioning on full blast and it was freezing. I had to wear a winter coat from the UK and the air hostess just kept saying yes, it is so cold but did nothing about it.

Yes, you get 40kg luggage allowance and the seats were wide yet filthy but I always think that transparency is key when booking a flight. I want all the information before hand.

So in summery would I fly Malaysian airlines again? Not even if you paid me.

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  1. Mr & Mrs Gist says:

    Hmmmmmm an unconvincing experience on board it would seem! Looks like they have a lot of work to do, thanks for sharing.
    Mr & Mrs Gist blog


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