Top tips for travelling with Kids in 2018.

My tips for Surviving Travelling with young Kids in 2018.

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It is one of the hardest things travelling with young children babies and toddlers especially when flying. You will probably be aware that – as you enter the plane – no one wants to sit near you. Other passengers see the child and when your baby cries or makes a noise, people look over at you with that disconcerting looks, tut and judge you for being a bad parent. Even though you’re trying your hardest to entertain and keep your children satisfied and quiet. I have outlined below a few tips to hopefully help you survive a flight and holiday with little ones:

  1.   If you are travelling with a small child or baby I would highly recommend you purchase a “YOYO” pushchair. This pushchair is the only one in the world that fits in the cabin compartment on a flight, so no handing it over at the gate. For slightly older kids a “Flyte scooter” a scooter with suitcase at the front that helps them to keep up with you at the airport. They can look after their own toys in the case compartment at the front as it folds up to a hand luggage suitcase
  2. Use a back pack as your hand luggage as it gives you both hands available to deal with situations with your children if necessary. It also enables you to be able to push your pushchair more easily.
  3. Before booking your hotel make sure it is kid friendly and has a kid’s club. Kids clubs provide you as a parent with greater flexibility to plan the day and give you the parent timeout to recover and relax as well on holiday.
  4. Always make sure you have things to entertain your children especially on flights. A portable DVD player is great if the airline has no TV as well as tablets with games and movies downloaded, pencils and drawing books, game consoles etc. Essentially whatever it takes to keep the little ones entertained.
  5. Always carry a change of clothes with you in hand luggage for your little ones especially when flying in case they have an accident as well as wet wipes, and pull ups. I even have a blow-up potty as my daughter is afraid of the airline toilets.
  6. Always carry snacks and food with you in your hand luggage in case your children get hungry and do not like what is being served on board the flight. Also, “Boots” allow you to pre-order baby milk at the airport so is a must when travelling when babies.
  7. With a baby keep extra sterilised bottles and formula on you just in case. Also, a travel steriliser is a great idea to keep with you.
  8. Try and keep the children away from sweets and junk food on a flight as this can make them hyperactive. Healthy snacks and fruit are great options.
  9. Do not forget to pre-order the kids meal if it is available

10. If you are travelling with a small baby, ensure that you have booked the bassinette at check in.

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11. Always travel with medication and a first aid kit as kids always fall over or get sick. So, it is best to be prepared

12. Look at Air B and B and house swaps when travelling with kids as it can offer more flexibility with extra rooms and a kitchen and washing machine.

13)  When eating in countries where sanitation is not great or tap water cannot be used, ensure that your children drink and clean their teeth with bottled water. Also, please try to avoid ice cubes, salad, unpeeled fruit and vegetables.

14. Be Flexible: When travelling with children you cannot be in control of everything as things do not always go to plan. Try to keep calm.

15. Remember if you have a bad flight with your babies and children it will eventually come to an end. If you have been judged by other passengers, try not to care as you will never have to see these people again.

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