Top Travel Tips for 2019 to get more from your holidays.

My top travelling tips and ways to save you money on your holidays in 2019 are listed below.

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  • Always book your vacation and travel through a respected travel agent or branded hotel as if something goes wrong throughout your stay you have more leverage getting compensated.
  • Always join newsletters of your favourite travel company airline and hotels for cross linkage and special offers.
  • Loyalty programmes are great for hotels and airlines as you very often get free breakfast, late checkout, extra luggage allowance and upgrades when reaching a certain tier.
  • Get a credit card linked to an airline or hotel chain as you can earn miles for spending money on them
  • Always compare package deals to booking individually as quite often it can be cheaper.
  • Consider flying from a different airport to your usual. Shop around and check the different airports as prices can differ significantly.
  • Airlines change the prices of flights a few times a day, so do research before booking. Wednesday has been shown to be better value than other days of the week.
  • Avoid flying at peak times as well as a Friday and Sunday this can cut costs by up to 30%.
  • Stay at hotels in the business districts especially at weekends to get saver rates.
  • The best way to get a room upgrade is not to book a standard room, but a higher category as you want to be taken seriously.
  • Keep copies of important documents like your passport and driving licence in case you lose them. Also, make sure that you have longer than six months left on your passport before travelling and many countries require this to enter their country.
  • Don’t forget to buy travel insurance especially with children as if you get sick or lose something. Travel insurance can save you thousands.
  • Always weigh your luggage before arriving at the airport, to prevent having to pay for excess baggage or having to swap things between suitcases at the airport.
  • Keep your valuables with you always in hand luggage when travelling as well as absolute necessities (e.g. underwear, swimsuit, medication, extra outfit, jewellery, computers, cameras etc.) As, this will get you through the first 24 hours if your checked-in luggage is lost by the airline.
  • In countries with bad sanitation only drink and clean your teeth with bottled. Also avoid salad and Ice cubes.
  • Be wary of phone roaming charges when travelling. Sort the international data and calling packages before you travel or set the phone to roaming data off to prevent high charges.
  • Keep your cool. As hard as it can be, try to keep your cool if things don’t go to plan at an airport or hotel. As these people have the power to help you.



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