Siobhan Smith

My name is Siobhan Smith.

I am a Wedding and Event Planner in London and Dubai as well as as a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, Personal Trainer, Celebrant and most recently a candidate on BBC Apprentice. I am also a wife and mother to a beautiful daughter aged four.

I like the best of life with regards to fashion, living, experiences and most importantly travel. I am lucky as my job over the years has given me the opportunity to see most of the world in luxury.

I started my blog pages as I wanted to offer people an insight into the so-called world of luxury and life and to let them see that quite often what one expects and pays for is very often not received. Yet in many instances people accept it so changes can’t and won’t be made. Service is everything, but good service is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

I write true accounts of what has happened to me and what I believe. Feel free to comment.